Derlem Tabanlı Bir Çalışma: 7. Sınıf Türkçe Ders Kitaplarının Söz Varlığı

Author : Ramazan ŞİMŞEK
Number of pages : 231-243


The number of studies on Turkish vocabulary has been increasing in recent years. The standard of vocabulary studies in international sense is also observed in studies on Turkish. The basis of these standards is compilation based studies. The vocabulary study carried out in this research was shaped based on the collection and the main study item of the research is textbooks. Textbooks play a key role in bringing vocabulary to the target audience. Textsbooks are the basic material of formal or informal educational activities. The texts in the textbooks are the framewoork for the curriculum and the tutor. Grammar structures, semantic contents and vocabulary that are planned to be taught in the process, are relayed to students with these texts. With this aspect, textbooks are holistic tools for education. Factors such as technological changes and transformation, there are lats of stimuli today; affect the vocabulary of the target audience considering the mass addressed by the textbooks. Textbooks are renewed and updated within this scope. The textbooks were updated with the update of Turkish curriculum in 2019 within the framework of these criteria. Along with the new curriculum, textbooks were started to be published by both MEB and private publishers. In this study, the vocabulary of textbooks was examined through the reading texts in the Turkish textbooks used at the secondary school level; and these are compared with the most frequently used words in Turkish that is revealed by the study, which is based on a collection, prepared by Aksan (2017).


Turkish education, textbook, vocabulary, corpus

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