Karacaoğlan'ın Şiirlerinde Gelin

Author : Cengiz GÖKŞEN -Elif DORUK
Number of pages : 151-176


The bride has an exceptional place in our society because it is the foundation of family and society. For this reason, not everyone gets every girl as a bride, and not every girl becames the bride of people who want them to be their bride. People demand some characteristics both from a bride and the place where the bride will live after the marriage. İn the bride and the brideis the place to go are looking for some features in the destination. Besides, the bride is the symbol of beauty, simplicity, innocence, cleanliness in our society. The best expressing the beauties of the traditional life style of Turkish society in his poetry, and therefore referred to as the poet of nature and love-love and in this context, the bride figure in many poems of Karacaoğlan, one of the most outstanding representatives of the Minstrel Style Turkish Poetry, draws attention. Karacaoğlan, in many of his poems, focuses on the theme of the bride, while in some of his poems, he highlights the characteristic of the bride as a cornerstone. In some of his poems, Karacaoğlan depicts the bride as the symbol of beauty and charity, while in some of his poems, he worked only with its erotic aspects. In the second kind of poetry, Karacaoğlan is viewed as a hedonist figure. In this paper, the bride figure handled by Karacaoğlan's poems was examined, and the purpose of the bride figure was determined. In the study, a qualitative method was applied, and the poems in Karacaoğlan's book prepared by Müjgan Cumbur were taken as the basis.


Karacaoğlan, bride, minstrel style Türk poetry

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