Türkçe ve İngilizce Öğretim Kitaplarına Karşılaştırmalı Bir Bakış: Konuşma Becerisi Örneği

Author : Muhammed Eyyüp SALLABAŞ -Oğuz Serkan YILMAZ
Number of pages : 68-84


With the developments in the world, people try to learn at least one foreign language in order to comply with the requirements of the age they live in and not to fall behind. The desire of people to learn foreign languages is the emergence of many teaching methods, techniques and strategies in order to teach a foreign language in the best, fast and effective way; it has increased the scientific studies on language teaching. Speaking education is an important step since speaking skill, which has a great place in foreign language teaching, is the first step in communicating. Considering that language is a basic communication tool, it will be understood that speaking skill is one of the main elements of language. One of the course materials in which the speaking skill is used in teaching Turkish language is textbooks. Similarities and differences can be determined by comparing the textbooks of English language, which is one of the accepted languages in foreign language teaching, with the textbooks used in teaching Turkish as a foreign language. For the subject of the study, “Yedi Iklim Turkish Education Set-B1” used in teaching Turkish as a foreign language and “New Language Leader-Intermediate” books used in teaching English as a foreign language were selected. These books were evaluated in terms of speaking skill. Analysis was made in the light of the data obtained through qualitative research methods, document analysis. It is concluded that the number of activities in the Turkish teaching book is insufficient. In addition, the 'pronunciation' field in the English teaching book is not included in the Turkish teaching book. Various suggestions were brought in line with the results obtained in the study.


Teaching Turkish as a foreign language, speaking skill in teaching Turkish to foreigners, speaking skill

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