In Mountain Villages of Tarsus Pine Tree in Folk Culture
Tarsus'un Dağ Köyleri Halk Kültüründe Çam Ağacı

Author : Cengiz GÖKŞEN --
Number of pages : 303-314


In this study, we will try to establish the place of the pine tree in the daily life of unsettled people of mountain villages of Tarsus. However, its industral usage and, usage as fuel will be excluded. Pine tree has a distinct place in Turkish mythology. Unsettled people utilize products that are obtained from this tree or pertaining to it in lots of places varying from architecture to breeding, public medicine to children’s plays. In public medicine, pine resin, pine bark, pine shell, kindling, pine cone, pine needle, rotten pine powder, püse, shephard’s roasted beef are examples of products used for treatment. In public architecture, pine wood, pine needle and pine rafter are used especially on the stone wall houses built with masonry, and clay mortar. Same is in use for the place where calves live. Pine items used in daily life are pine mug, churn to tripod, yoghurt whisk, sling fork, cigarette holder and etc. In children’s play, wooden cars, cars made from pine shell, reed whistle, whistle, popgun, churn are the children’s toys made out of pine. The flag planted as the symbol of a wedding commencement is made out of pine as well. Aside from these, in floristry and greenhousing, soil used for fast flourishment of the seedling is the soil extracted from pine tree roots, as well.


Pine Tree, Turkish culture, Tarsus, Unsettled, Folk medicine

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