For Referees

  • Çukurova Researches has double-blind referee practice. The names of the author (s) and referees are kept confidential in the works sent for evaluation.
  • Articles approved by the editor system in the Article Tracking System are sent to at least two referees over the same system. In case of a positive or negative vote in the evaluation made by two referees, the article is sent to a third referee.
  • It is followed by the editor to submit the reports of the referees within the specified time. If the reports are not received within the specified time, the article is appointed as a new referee by the editor.

Referees are expected to evaluate;

1) Structural and logical integrity of the study,

2) The title, subtitle and content compatibility in the article,

3) The suitability of the article in terms of language and expression,

4) Whether the Turkish abstract includes the aims, methods, and results of the study,

5) Whether the English summary study contains the objectives, methods, and results,

6) Appropriateness of the method used in the article,

7) Scientific presentation and discussion of the results and discussion,

8) Significance and validity of suggestions and evaluations,

9) Adequacy of charts, figures, and images in the article,

10) Use of resources and current literature,

11) if the article is sufficient/insufficient regarding the originality of the article and whether it contributes to the related field.


The referee, editor, and author can write using the messages section in the Article Tracking System on the webpage. They can also make offers and additional warnings.

Following the evaluations, the referees can upload the necessary corrections (if any) related to the articles to the system in Word for Windows or Quark Macintosh file format.

Referees may want to see the version of the article they want to be corrected before publication. In this case, the text in the system automatically appears on the referee's page and is examined by the referee.




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