Aim, Focus and Scope



  1. CUKAR (Cukurova Research), is an international, peer-reviewed journal that begins publishing in 2013. Journal aims to publish researches in the field of social sciences
  1. CUKAR (Cukurova Research), adopted the policy that claims to be the open-access journal, to be scanned by databases by providing access easily by readers.
  1. CUKAR (Cukurova Research), team check each article which is loaded into the system with separate diligence and forward to the reviewers. This process continues into a great privacy policy. After the completion of the reviewer process of articles, works are lining up to publish. Works are lining up according to the time of completion of the reviewer process.
  1. Another essential aim of CUKAR (Cukurova Research), is to become a highly cited and regarded journal worldwide in the field of social sciences

Focus and Scope

CUKAR (Cukurova Research) aims to serve as a publishing platform for scientists and researchers for studies in the field of social sciences: