Dinleme Becerisinin Gelişim Durumunun ve Kullanım Yeterliklerinin Ölçülüp Değerlendirilmesi

Author : Ali GÖÇER
Number of pages : 109-125


The ability to use language effectively is an important indicator of competence and competence that affects individuals in every field, from their success in education to their relationships in their social life. Listening skill, understanding, comprehension, proper and correct reaction etc. with dimensions has an important function in effective use of language. The importance of listening sufficiency is undeniable from communication skills to collaboration, from appreciation to empathy, from understanding to evaluation, in all educational activities and in real life situations. In this regard, is studied to be provided some achievements to students about listening skill in education and learning processes. In this direction, the plans, applications and results achieved should be maintained in accordance with the principles of measurement and evaluation. In this context, some measurement tools and assessment techniques should be used in determining the attainment status of students for listening skills. In the process of gaining students the competencies related to listening skills and the ability to use this skill effectively is important to use measurement tools and assessment approaches, including the product introduced, and the performance exhibited in the process. In this framework, should be prepared and used especially and mostly graded scoring keys besides measuring tools such as checklists, observation records, worksheets, peer and self-assessment forms in the assessment of listening skill. Because, graded scoring keys is the most appropriate assessment tool -due to their special preparation for the study- are used in determining students' competencies and attitudes towards a field, and their competency related to cognitive, affective, moral and linguistic skills. With this feature, a graded scoring key is a measurement tool that is used in order to reveal the appearance of the products presented by students or the performances that they should exhibit in different aspects, by separating them into several dimensions.


Language education, listening skills, measurement and evaluation

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