Kilis Masallarında Yeraltı Dünyası Hakkında Tespitler

Author : Tuba KAPLAN
Number of pages : 191-199


Kilis is a passageway from the Mediterranean Region to the Southeastern Anatolia Region and a border city neighbouring Syria. Kilis, hosted numerous tribes (Babylon, Hittite, Huri-Mitanni, Arami, Assyrian, Persian, Macedonia, Byzantine, Seljukian, Mameluke / Kölemen, Ottoman) because of its nature and geography that made settlement favorable. First, VIII. Turks, who sent pioneering troops to the region in the 16th century, became the absolute rulers of the region after the 1071 Manzikert Victory. The Turkmen who settled in the region on a crossing route have preserved their cultural values brought from the country to the present day. One of these cultural values is fairy tales, which can accept them as fragmented forms of myths. Tales can both expand incorporating various features of the culture and geography they spread over time and also can lose many features through cultural deterioration. New motives may join in the constitution of tales or plenty of distinct motives that constitute the basis of tales may disappear. Yet, the mythical elements that form the basis of tales maintain their existence unless they are exposed to a certain pressure. In this study, the elements related with the underworld which is a symbol of the mythical world that appear in the tales compiled from Kilis were mentioned. 44 tale texts were included into the research from the work Compilation and Analysis of Kilis Tales. The study adopted qualitative research method and content analysis was carried out through document analysis. In this way, the elements of the underworld in tales (living things in the underworld, the attributions of the underworld, contact with the underworld and exit from the underworld) were establishes.


Kilis, tale, the underworld, detection

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