Self-Efficacy, Working Values, Intrinsic Motivations and A Research in Call Center Sector
Çağrı Merkezi Sektöründe Çalışanların Öz-Yeterlilik, Çalışma Değerleri, İçsel Motivasyonları ve Bir Araştırma

Author : Bilal ÇANKIR
Number of pages : 241-249


Organizations are in a tough competitive environment with developments such as trade wars that are followed immediately by globalization and the newly discussed glocalization. The only source that will bring the enterprises to the forefront in this competitive environment is human reseource. This research was carried out to determine the variables that affect the self-efficacy, working value and intrinsic motivation of the employees in the call center sector. The study was conducted on a survey of approximately 300 call center employees working in Istanbul. A 10-item General Self-Efficacy Scale, which was prepared by Schwarzer and Jerusalem (1995) and adapted to Turkish by Yeşilay, Schwarzer and Jerusalem in 1996, was used to measure Self-Efficacy. For the work goals variable, Tevrüz and Turgut (2004) were used and the Work Values Test was used. For intrinsic motivation, the scale developed by Mottaz (1985); Brislin et al. (2005); Mahaney and Lederer (2006) and Turkish adaptation was made by Dündar, Özutku and Taşpınar (2007). According to the results of the correlation analysis, it was concluded that there is a significant and positive relationship between self-efficacy, study value and intrinsic motivation variables.


Self-Efficacy, Work Values, Intrinsic Motivation


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