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Starting protest towards to regime in 15 March 2011 have been turn to serious conflick in a short time and fallowed by civil war in Syria. People escape have started towards neightbourh country with effect of the war. First collective migration of syrian poeple from Syrian toTurkey started on 29 April 2011 and go on continously for fourand a halfyears. Its was raported that approximate number of refugees of syrian in Turkey is two million a half after December 2015. The Syrian in the Turkey have got effected different aspect on the turkish economy. Its reported thatTurkey goverment paid six billion a half American Dollars between april 2011 and october 2015 for refugees of syrian. Additionaly there are studies by doing the Ministry of Labour and SocialSeceurity of Turkish goverment for receive residence and work permit with refuges of syrian. The number of people that have got a work permit within syrian refuges is 3856 person in to give a raport by The Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Service industry is the most hight rate(63.1%) with 2328 person and agriculture industry is the most low rate(0.4%) in that people. Amount of aquaculture before civil war was known thattotal producing of fresh water fish is 8682 tons in 2004. Additionaly, its know that the statistics in this subject show to us, 1760 family was working a full time and 1800 family a part time in the aquaculture. This amount of people, in Turkey, its increase the likehood to work of syrian refuges in the aquaculture as a qualified. In addition they had been worked legal and illegal in the sector at now. With this research It has tried to put forward that syrian refuges can be worker as a qualified in aquaculture units and also sub-sectors.

Syrian refugees, aquaculture, employment

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