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Nowadays, the developments in technology and information systems are directing the enterprises to use new technologies and methods in production activities in order to maintain their assets successfully and to gain competitive advantage in the competitive market conditions. Turkish textile and ready-made clothing industry is one of the leading sectors in the economic development process, providing employment opportunities, the added value it creates and its weight in international trade, with its production and export. The objective of the sector is to increase the share of global exports through high value-added products, innovative and competitive products and services. In order to achieve a competitive advantage in the global markets, it is necessary to focus on R&D, innovation and design based studies and to focus on fashion / brand production by using science and technology. Technology is used in almost every stage of production in the fashion industry. Companies increase the production speed and flexibility and benefit from the technology provided by developing technology in order to respond faster to the demands of the customers. In the ready-made clothing industry, enterprises use the two-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) systems intensively in all processes from the preparation of the mold to the preparation of the cutting plan. 3-D design software has been developed to eliminate the shortcomings of 2-D CAD systems by taking into consideration the expectations of enterprises and customers. By using 3D design softwares, cost and time management in design, reduction in costs, increase in design production speed, model diversity and therefore creativity support have been provided. In this study, the opinions and suggestions of the enterprises using 3D design softwares, were evaluated by applying a questionnaire.

Ready-made Clothing, 3D Design Software, Fashion Design.

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