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Maraş that have a rich culture, colorful social structure and a vigorous economy throughout history, had been a great collapse in social space with all the economic fields in the aftermath of the wars. After the WWI, the occupation of the Maraş by the French after the British, and the events afterwards, greatly increased the social and economic depression in the city. The city of Maras was devastated by the war and occupations in the early 1920s. An important part of the city and especially the residential areas where burned and destroyed, have carried the effects of war for a long time. The change and transformation of the sociocultural structure had been considerably slow in Maras, where was trying to wrap up the wounds brought by the loss of human and financial losses during the National Struggle period. In the Constitution (Teşkilat-ı Esasiye) dated 20 January 1921 prepared by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM), some arrangements were made in the administrative organization. Within the framework of these regulations, Maraş which was an independent district had been converted into a province. Maraş that was a small Anatolian city in the Ottoman period, was adversely affected by the preservation of traditional economic structure, inability to benefit from state investments, lack of transportation facilities, lack of large capital owners. It took a long time for revitalize the social and economic life of Maraş, which entered the Republican period such an economic structure and a reduced population. Actually, the socio-cultural and economic self-recovery of the city began in the 1950s. The aim of this study is to reveal the socio-cultural and economic development process of Maras after the National Struggle. While this period, covering between 1920 and 1950 has been discussed, first-hand sources have been utilized in this period. The periodicals, especially the Turkish Republic Archive Documents, scientific researches, annuals and encyclopedias has been used.

Maras, republic, social life, industry, economy.

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