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Thanks to the rise of information technologies, the era we are in, is called information age. It is an indisputable fact that using technology to keep up with this era of rapid and significant changes in both individual and social lives is a necessity. Information loses its actuality soon. So it is essential to research and read consistently. It is pointed out that when researching Google search engine that organizes all the information in the world is preferred rather than libraries. It can be asserted that, advances in technology have caused societal changes leading to the emergence of a new kind of learner who tries to learn the convenient fast. University students who need to research frequently also utilize this technological developments and so search engines. Particularly, in the department of Western Languages and Literatures where the students are obliged to research and read, it is observed that students conduct their research through Google instead of using libraries and texts. Starting from this point the aim of this study is to reveal the perception of the students of Fırat University Department of Western Languages and Literatures, about Google concept through metaphors. The research design is phenomenology. The study group consists of 260 students who attend the mentioned department during the 2017-2018 academic year. Research data were obtained through completion of the sentences such as ‘Google is like…………..; because…………. .’ In this wise each student was expected to produce a metaphor related to the concept of Google. Content analysis was used to analyze data. As a result, 40 metaphors were determined about Google in 8 conceptual categories. The categories which produced metaphors about the search engine ‘Google’ are as follows; Google as person (53) Google as the concepts exist in nature (47), Google as guiding(36), Google as food (31), Google as problem solver (27), Google as mystical concepts (23), Google as universe (20) and Google as reading concepts (18).

Google, search engines, the ways of reaching information, metaphors

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    Dear Scientists,

    The seventh volume (Winter 2018) of Çukurova Studies journal has been published . We thank to all who assisted us.

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