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Due to the ciwil war in Syria, the number of Syrian Arabs migrating to Turkey is increasing gradually. The key for the adaptation of the increasing number of refugees is the learning of Turkish. For this purpose, Turkish teaching centers are one of the institutions that teach Turkish to Syrian Arab students. It is known that the education given in those Turkish teaching centers is shaped by four basic language skills and grammar knowledge supporting these four skills. The fact that grammar forms the basis of both grammar aspects of the language and the four basic language skills requires that grammar knowledge of a language must be examined with a special emphasis. This study, conducted for this purpose, focuses on teaching Turkish grammar knowledge to Syrian Arab students. The population of this study has been conducted with 10 instructors working in the Turkish teaching centers of Erciyes University, Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University and Siirt University. Data were obtained from the instructors with semi-structured interview questionnaires prepared by taking experts’ opinions. Document analysis method was used to analyze findings. First, the data were categorized and the codes were determined. The data are interpreted in accordance with the resulting codes and the expressions which have same meaning is taken under the same code and the frequencies are determined. Direct quotations were made from the opinions in order to make the specified codes more understandable. According to results, it has been seen that there are lots of matters in the field of teaching Turkish to Arab students because of the fact that it is a new field and there is no compromise in the solutions that the instructors suggest for those problems and the problems have been resolved with different studies. Also, it was found that the instructors differed in method- techniques and in the tools they used to embody grammar knowledge.

Syrian Arab students, grammar knowledge, instructors, opinion

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