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In modern world perception management is illusion and deception. This is most often the case for the subjective safety sense. The media is an important element of this. Perception is one of the basic subjects of philosophy, sociology and psychology. With the disintegration of the USSR, the bipolar structure has been transformed into a multipolar structure. The static structure of the Cold War has come to an end. International systems and subsystems have begun to gain a dynamic structure. Along with new opportunities, new risks, threats and danger have been reshaped in this process. This new process has shifted from symmetric threat perceptions to asymmetric threat perceptions. The fact that today is at the peak of the power of the West is causing the non-Western civilizations to turn into the Ancestry Phenomenon. This revives the feelings of Asiating in Japan, Indian reaching in India and returning to Islam in the Middle East. The developments in the world brought with it new environments of insecurity and uncertainty. With the simplest definition of security word; threats, worries and feelings of being away from danger. This study will examine the security perception that is reshaped in the Modern World in the dynamics of international relations and the effects of the future strategies will be examined.

Modern, security, perception, symmetric, conflict.

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