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This research is about the time when the electrical power infrastructure of Mersin was constructed, how electricity was produced, and the historical process of how the electrical power facilities were managed. Since this is a historical study, primary sources are used. The top primary sources were documents from archives and local newspapers of the time; Tarsus and Yeni Mersin. Works on electrical power infrastructure were accelerated in Turkey at the beginning of 20th Century. Mersin was one of the cities that were intended to construct electrical power infrastructures for. Electrical power infrastructure of Mersin was done by way of privileges. The privilege of handling power operations was handed to Mersin Electricity Limited Partnership for 39 years by Mersin Municipality in 1924. Power infrastructure of the city was completed in 1925 or 1926. The power plant was in the city center. It was the only supplied power for downtown. It was a thermal power plant. It produced 120 kW of electricity using 170 horsepower coming from two diesel engines. Mersin Electricity Limited Partnership was anonymized in order to straighten some unlawfulness that occurred during the foundation of the company in 1929. Its name was changed to Mersin Electricity Turkish Anonym Company. After a while the power plant was inadequate to supply power for the city. For this reason, a steam engine of 415 horsepower was brought to the plant in 1935. In 1939, the electricity company was expropriated since it could not supply adequate electricity for the city and abused the rights of its subscribers.

History of Mersin, history of Cukurova, History of electricity, Turkey electricity

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