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Jerusalem, depicted as “the city that was created in the heavens and sent down to the earth,” is a city that is regarded as sacred by all celestial religions by its five thousand-year history. Many of the prophets sent to jerusalem at the beginning of the sacred causes were living in this city or its vicinity. The city of jerusalem, home to many of the stories that the prophets -such as Hz. Abraham, the prophet David, Hz. Solomon, Hz. Yahya, Hz. Zakariya and Jesus- have lived, Jerusalem also witnessed the Mirac miracles of Muhammad. In terms of monotheistic religions, Jerusalem is much more meaningful and valuable than being a city name. The three monotheists are also the holy city for believers. This place of sanctification is exactly the temple hill in old jerusalem. This area is surrounded by the city walls and extends to the farthest point of the southeastern corner of the old city. The area of this area is about 144 acres, Kubbat-us Sahara, Masjid al-Aqsa, and many religious buildings and objects reaching two hundreds in number. Especially in the Kubbat-us Sahara, the foundation stone is a distinctive feature for all three religions. We will examine comparatively the importance of jerusalem in terms of religion, history and legal aspects in our report titled “the significance of jerusalem, according to religious and legal perspective from the past to the present day”. Between 1517 and 1917, there was peace period. Peace and a prosperous community life in the city which was under the control and management of the ottoman empire. However, systematic developments in the period after 1917; has brought chaos, confusion and conflicts of today to the fruition. In this article; on 14 may 1948, following the establishment of the state of ısrael, we will examine the Arab-Israeli wars, un decisions, ıntifadas, the Oslo process and the developments that are going on day by day from an analytical point of view and examine the religious, historical, legal and cultural aspects of jerusalem geographical importance will be emphasized and the current solution proposal will be discussed.

Religion, Legal, Historical, Perspective, Jerusalem, Holy.

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