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Ottoman Empire which had advanced and effective production technics before Modern Industry Revolution, had made an great effort in order to follow new developments that emerged with the revolution and made new policies for it. It is possible to approach the industrialization process of Ottoman Empire in three phases. The phase from the establishment of the empire to the Tanzimat Reform Period, industry activities were organized based upon monopoly of trade right and small handcrafts. The second phase includes the fast moving Industry Reform in Europe and Tanzimat Reform Period; included transition of subsistence small scale industry small handcrafts to factory mass production and at the same time scientific facts and self-criticism. The third phase includes post-Tanzimat Reform Period which is seen that there were attempts to continue the industry reforms , partially increasement of factories and new government bills. The areas of industry development in Empire Period were generally Istanbul and its immediate vicinities and Aegean region. At the present time, the areas where the industrialization are dense, are also Istanbul and its immediate vicinities, South Marmara and Aegean Region. In the beginning, industrial products for weaving and accoutrements were in forefront in the Ottoman Empire. At the present time especially weaving, leather and ready-made clothing are one of the leading industry segments of Turkey. It is clearly seen that the settlements which is important for industrialization, products made in these factories and also the industry policies has strong impact on shaping today’s Turkey’s industry structure.

Ottoman industrial products, industrialization policies, present reflections

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