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In this research, it is aimed to determine the difficulties encountered in the scientific research process of the students who are studying at the graduate school and to take the student suggestions for solving the difficulties encountered. Case study was used in this study. The sample of the study at a university located in the west of Turkey and the Turkish Education Turkish Teaching as a Foreign Language constitutes graduate students studying in the sciences. The research sample group constitutes master students in Turkish Education and Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language department at a university located in the west of Turkey. Semi-structured interview form was applied in the study and the data obtained in the research were analyzed by content analysis method. According to the findings of the research; master students stated that have difficulties in reaching and applying resources, collecting and analyzing data, reaching sampling, setting method, communicating with advisor, writing the introduction part, time management, using SPSS in the scientific research process respectively. In order to overcome these difficulties, they expressed that application should be given more space, foreign language problem must be solved and access to databases should be improved.

Scientific research, research process, master's degree, research difficulties.

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