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One of the problems of Çukurova/Cilicia Pedias archaeology which are waiting for being solved is relationship between Magarsus and Mallos ancient settlements. Magarsus ancient settlement is in the area known Fener Burnu which locates approximately 4 kilometers west of Karataş, Adana. There is not any hesitation in ourdays about location of Magarsus. However, there is some indefinitenesses about location of Mallos/Mallus ancient settlement. Some scientist put forward some claims that Mallos ancient settlement has located vicinity of Kızıltahta Village which is approximately 25 kilometers north of Karataş by depending some epigraphic evidences gotten from surveys in the area. On the otherhand, there is a possibility that this two settlements in the same place (present Magarsus) and there are some stronge evidences about this subject. Some information given by ancient term writers and geographers strengthens this possibility. It can be showed as an example that Magarsus is called as Mallos in some ancient sources. In this article, it is tried to make some evaluations about relationship between Magarsus and Mallos/Mallus ancient settlements by depending on ancient writings. While making these evaluations, etymological analysis, historical geography, topography and hydrography of the area have been taken into consideration.

Magarsus, Mallos, Cilicia, ancient settlement, localization

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